Stray Kitten Finds Forever Home After Family’s 12-Year-Old Dog Adopts Her

Delaware-based Morgan McKenzie was out for a walk on her property when she followed the tiny screams of a kitten to a hollowed-out log. The little gray and white kitten inside looked abandoned and in need of help, but McKenzie hesitated. She wasn’t sure if the mom would return or not, so she just left the kitten where she’d found it.

Later that evening as it started to get dark, McKenzie decided to return to the log and see if the kitten was still there. And she was – still completely alone. That is when McKenzie knew that her mother wouldn’t be coming back, so she took the tiny little thing inside with her.

As McKenzie explained to The Dodo, “When it started to get dark, we went back to make sure she was gone, but we could still hear her little cries. I was so glad we picked her up because I don’t think she would have made it. She was only a day or two old. She couldn’t see, her ears were still folded and she was starving.”

Since the tiny baby was small enough to fit in a pocket, McKenzie decided to name Polly, after Polly Pocket. Tiny Polly was riddled with fleas, so McKenzie decided to give the tiny kitten a bath in the sink. That is when McKenzie’s 12-year-old Lab, Paxton, came in to investigate. And a whole friendship was born.

McKenzie revealed, “Paxton got to meet Polly right after her bath. He fell in love with her at first because he got to clean her after every bottle feed and she loved it because she didn’t know any different.”

It wasn’t long until the bond was sealed and Paxton took Polly under his wing as one of his own.

“She used to stand as still as possible until she could hear his footsteps,” McKenzie shared. “She would go bolting over to where she thought she heard him.”

“I don’t think she ever knew any better so Polly thinks this is all just normal,” McKenzie said. “She grooms him, he grooms her. I don’t think she knows she is a cat.”

The two have become inseparable and spend all their time together – either cuddling on the couch, playing, or eating. And they look so cute together.

After being rescued, Polly has turned into a feisty little 5-month-old kitten, while Paxton gets closer to the 13-year mark. Regardless of their big age gap, these two are still as close as ever and they continue to play and spend all their time together.

As McKenzie said, “The two of them still adore each other. She’s becoming more of the pesky little sister who loves to follow him around and attack the toys he is playing with.”

You can keep up with these besties on their shared Instagram, Polly and Pax.

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