Stubborn Husky Repeatedly Says ‘No’ When He’s Told To Get Into His Kennel

All dogs have their own individual personalities and temperaments. However, huskies are notorious for their attitudes. They are not shy about vocalizing when they’re displeased about something – usually when they don’t get their way. In addition, these colorful dogs are well-known for throwing temper tantrums quite often, and over anything that doesn’t make them happy. And, if you happen to be a husky owner or a friend of a husky owner, you’re probably well-versed in the ways of the temperamental husky.

And one husky, Brian, is no exception to the rule. Brian is a very stubborn Siberian husky who would often engage in bedtime arguments when it came to going to bed. Brian’s owner tried to make him go into his “house,” however, this didn’t sit well with Brian, who would have rather slept out on the couch. And in the video, you can hear the husky clearly stating “no” every time his owner telling him to go to his house.

Brian was definitely not going to be told what to do and was determined to put up a good argument to avoid going into his kennel. But to be fair to Brian, a sofa seems like a much more comfy option as opposed to a dog kennel. And Brian definitely put up a good argument in favor of staying on the couch rather than his kennel.

He certainly lived up to the husky talkativeness – something that the breed is well-known for. Especially when it comes to talking back to their owners. And Brian, while he was definitely pushing his luck with his sass, looked adorable on the couch wagging his tail before he was firm in his “no” statements.

While the husky didn’t explicitly say the actual word “no,” he had a variety of tiny whines and other vocal tricks that made it sound like he was talking. But more than anything, he was quite firm in his vocalizations, conveying that what he meant was “no.”

I’m sure everyone who’s ever owned a dog would love for their canine to be able to speak – but with huskies, it would seem that this is the closest that anyone is ever going to get to having a dog that can talk. And the interactions are priceless – no wonder the internet is full of videos of huskies and their temper tantrums.

Watch the video below:

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