Swarm Of Golden Retriever Puppies ‘Attack’ A Man

We all know that our modern-day dogs, even the tiny ones, are decedents of the mighty wolf. It’s a little difficult to imagine when looking at a chihuahua, but it’s there. And part of their former wolf association means that dogs are by nature, inclined to be pack-animals.

Like the wolves who hunt and live as a family unit, our dogs are also able to form their own “packs.” How many of us have witnessed the cuteness that is a pack of puppies being their adorable selves?

Photo: Facebook/Edna Valley Golden Retrievers

Best Feeling in the World

Puppies are the definition of pack-animal instinct, as many of them will very often come together as a group to take you down with love. How many of us have had the pleasure of getting attacked by happy puppies who just want to love us? It’s the best feeling in the world.

And one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there is the golden retriever. They’re a very popular family dog because of their friendliness, their calm demeanor, and their overall happiness.

Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

All around, they’re just great dogs.

And when they’re puppies, golden retrievers have a habit of forming one cohesive blob of love that will take down anyone or anything. In fact, the Edna Valley Golden Retrievers breeding facility in San Luis Obispo California, showed just how devastating the effects can be of a swarm of loving golden retriever pups.

It’s adorable!

In the video, there is a group of seven golden retriever puppies. They’re all let out from their enclosure, and that is when the madness starts. This fluffy pack of cute puppies goes straight for their first victim.

Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

The man seated in the video is no match for the relentless cuddles and kisses that these merciless puppies are insistent to bestow upon him. In fact, in the video, you can hear him clearly laughing and enjoying all the attention he’s being given by the pint-sized dogs. They simply will not let him go.

Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

For the man it gets so overwhelming having all these puppies coming at him that he actually has to lay down for a moment and just let them do their thing and love him. I suppose there are worst fates to suffer other than a group of puppies who want to play.

Watch the Adorable Footage Below:

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