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  • Hello
    We are big fans of your show and we would Love help and sharing our go fund me page. Let me tell you a little bit about Charlie we rescued him at 12 weeks from a tall tale rescue and instantly he connected with my husband my husband an army veteran he has ALS which is a nerve damage and disease and we want to go train Charlie as a service dog but because were trying to do it out of pocket it’s getting a little tricky we’re wondering if you were able to share his go fund me page for us to try to get more donations Charlie is seven months and he is very well mannered he is learning some tricks on her own here they were teaching him but we need help from a professional to get him to passes his test .Thank you

  • I need help with mine and my boyfriends dogs always fighting. They fight and won’t stop until they are almost dead. What do I do?

  • How can i get in touch with Cesar – a friends pit got loose and attacked and possibly killed a labradoodle 8 months old pup.
    The dog is not people aggressive and need his opinion ASAP – dog is in quarantine.

  • Hi !

    I have two dogs and one of them keeps peeing by their bowl? Why does this happen and how do i stop this ?

    I have an older dog who has periodontal disease and I was quoted $4,000.00 for the surgery. I do not have pet insurance. What are my options ? I feel like the Vet is over charging me??

  • I attended one of Cesar’s live events at the Grove of Anaheim in April 2017. I purchased a black zip sweatshirt that said Pack Leader that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost it. I’ve scoured the internet to find a replacement, but I cannot find one exactly like it. I did however find this website:
    Are these officially licensed Cesar Millan products? If not, do you know where I can find a replacement for the original one I purchased? Thank you for your help!

  • Dear Cesar’s Way team,
    I am extremely excited for the upcoming fundamentals course in Spring. I absolutely cannot wait to apply! I am a professional ballet dancer in NYC, and since I was a little girl I watched all of Cesar’s episodes of “The Dog Whisperer.” I trained myself by watching your videos, and now I train dogs (and their humans!) here in NYC when I’m not dancing. I have worked for a few rescues and rehabilitated several pitbulls who were “unadoptable” and placed them in great homes!
    I am wondering if there is any way I would be able to join Fundamentals 2 right away? I could send in some videos of me working with dogs here if that is helpful.
    I completely understand if this is not possible, I just wanted to try since I cannot afford both Fundamentals 1 and 2 together.
    Either way, I am extremely excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to register.
    Thank you for your time,
    Eva Janiszewski

  • Mr. Millan;
    It is my sincere hope you will take the time to read and answer this for us as it may be a significant impact for our son. Our son is 17 years old, on the autism spectrum and my wife and I deeply respect your approach and successes in making dogs a loving part of any family. We had a (double) rescue mix (english setter/beagle) who adopted our son on the very day he was returned to the adoption program after being beat up by the first families dog. Unfortunately, after a wonderful life, our dog passed away from an aggressive cancer this past summer.

    We are now at a point where we want to have another dog, unfortunately our son does not qualify for a service or companion dog (under the official programs), but we know a loving dog makes a huge difference in his life and attitude.

    From the work on NatGeo programs and you have been a blessing to some many people, I do not know of anyone who could better give us guidance. In advance, I appreciate your time and if you see it appropriate, your assistance.

    I would like to provide additional detail, however, I do not want it posted.

    In best regards,

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