Choosing a name for your pet is actually a pretty big decision. You don’t want to just give them any old name. You want it to be special as well as something that will complement their personality. When we got our dog, we didn’t agonize over choosing a name for her nearly as long as we did with some of our other pets. My mom and I had gone to the pound several days within the same week getting to know her before we adopted her. She was a medium-sized dog with some wild black waves in her hair. She seemed very sweet like she just wanted to love and be loved. Within a day of meeting her, we decided that she was a beautiful dog, both inside and out, and that is how we chose her name, Bonita. Our cats, on the other hand, were a little more difficult to name. They gave us a little more trouble to settle on names. As for our rabbits, they all got French names.

My point is, picking a name for your pet comes with a lot of things to consider. There are so many different possibilities. Some people prefer to give their dogs names that are fit for a human, while others prefer something cuter or animal-friendly. And there are also those who love to name their pets after their favorite characters from books or movies – personally, I’m one of those. Being the literary nerd that I am, one of our rabbits was named after a “Les Miserables” character. While pet names are unique and varied, there are some trends that can be seen amongst pet names. 

And one company that does comprehensive DNA tests for dogs, Wisdom Panel, has compiled a list for the top 10 most popular names of 2020.

See if your pup’s moniker made the cut below:

  1. Luna 
  2. Bella 
  3. Charlie 
  4. Max 
  5. Daisy
  6. Lucy 
  7. Bailey 
  8. Milo 
  9. Cooper 
  10. Coco

What do you think of the top 10 names? Was your dog’s name on it? Would you name a dog any of these names if you were to adopt another dog? Let us know!

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