‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 7 Episode Guide

Season 7 | Episode 1 | Bebe and Lola

When Bob Haueter brought Bebe home for his daughter Kim, he thought they would have another perfect pet like their Golden Retriever/Lab mix Sadie. But the English Bulldog had her own agenda. Bebe soon turned against Sadie, so Bob and Kim had to keep them separated. Only, Bebe didn’t stop there. She attacked the mini-blinds on the windows and ripped through all of the lampshades that were in reach. After replacing at least a dozen lampshades and drawing the blinds on all of the windows, Bob and Kim have had enough. Now, they need Cesar’s help to keep this Bulldog from bullying the household accessories.

Also – Howie Mandel has been in show business for over 30 years, but is most recently known for his job as host of “Deal or No Deal.” He and his wife of 30 years, Terry Mandel, own a menagerie of animals including cats, birds, fish, and ferrets. But one little monster is threatening Howie’s world, and her name is Lola. The two year old Chihuahua throws fits whenever Terry gets in her space, whether to give her a bath or take something out of her mouth. Sometimes Lola even attacks Terry when she picks her up. Lola shows her detestation of Howie by trying to attack him when he walks near her! Howie is ready to send Lola to St. Elsewhere, but luckily Cesar is here to provide some relief to this comic and his wife.

Season 7 | Episode 2 | Chloe, Gotti and Madison

Owner Jaime Crossman found Chloe on Craigslist and was warned of the Border Collie/Greyhound mix’s nipping problems. Jaime quickly enrolled the dog in obedience training and nipped the problem in the bud. About 6 months later, Chloe became embroiled in a heated dogfight and has developed an aversion to other dogs. As soon as Chloe sees another dog, she zones in on them and goes for the kill. But, when she realizes her target is out of reach, Chloe turns on her owner, biting at Jaime’s legs. Jaime’s friends knew this was a problem only the Dog Whisperer could fix, so they pooled their money together to fly Jaime and Chloe from Boston to Cesar’s Southern Californian Dog Psychology Center.

And Meghan Plunkett inherited Gotti from her brother, Jimmy Plunkett, who unexpectedly passed away in his sleep in 2008. Parents, former NFL quarterback, Jim and Gerry Plunkett didn’t think they could handle Gotti, so they tried to find him another home. In honor of her brother, Meghan felt it was her duty to keep Gotti, and brought him into the home she shares with her boyfriend, Chris Douglass. Meghan says that Gotti’s personality reminds them of Jimmy, who was a devout Dog Whisperer fan and raised Gotti to obey Cesar’s way. The transition in ownership awoke a nervousness in Gotti. When he is unsure of other dogs, he will bark, growl, and lunge at them, often scaring other dog walkers. Jimmy was able to curb Gotti’s dormant aggression, but Meghan hasn’t had the same luck. Cesar comes in to give back Gotti his confidence.

When Adrianna and Brian Lopez decided to get a puppy, they knew exactly what breed they wanted – a Leonberger. Adrianna and Brian both grew up with big dogs so they were excited about owning a large dog together. But their excitement ran away with them. At 150 pounds, Madison is like a bull in a China shop. Whenever visitors stop by, Madison bounds through the house and jumps on them, practically pushing them out the door. Even when Adrianna arrives home from work, Madison is waiting, ready to pounce. Brian and Adrianna are exhausted and at their wits end. Can Cesar calm this crazy canine before he bounces the Lopez’s out of house and home?

Season 7 | Episode 3 | Ellie, JJ, and Oscar

If Cesar has a counterpart in the wooly world of bears, it’s Casey Anderson, star of Nat Geo Wild’s Expedition Wild.  Casey has worked with wild animals since he was a teenager, most specifically, bears.  He and his wife, actress Missi Pyle, even had Casey’s 800 pound bear Brutus acting as “best man” in their wedding.  Grappling grizzlies is one thing, but Casey is hands off when it comes to Missi’s dogs – Rottie mix Ellie and Dalmatian JJ.   Ellie’s biggest problem is her aggression toward other dogs.  Whenever Missi walks the two dogs, Ellie lunges and snaps at the dogs leisurely passing by, and JJ likes to join in on the fun.  Once Ellie starts, the two dogs become completely uncontrollable.  Missi looks to her husband for help, but even Casey’s grizzly taming techniques don’t seem to work.  Cesar comes in to help Casey and Missi, but can Cesar bear these burly burdens?

Oscar was a stray that was rescued in Delaware. When the rescue group received an application from Sebastian and Renée, a professional couple living in Manhattan and Princeton, NJ, it was clear they had found the perfect home for Oscar. Likewise, Sebastian and Renée thought Oscar would be the ideal playmate for their other pit bull, Lola. But Oscar proved to have some inner fears that turned into outer aggression, most notable was his fear of children. The Beas are expecting their first child and Oscar is proving to be a danger to their imminent newborn. The couple worked with many trainers and behaviorists and made sure Oscar got plenty of exercise, but still they could not break Oscar’s behavioral problems. Can Cesar answer the “911” call from the Beas?

Season 7 | Episode 4 | Sheba, Ramses and Sofie

The world of unfulfilled canines keeps Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan employed with plenty of dog problems. But, the crossing of wolves and domestic dogs has led to a whole new set of problems with the wolf-dog hybrid. Cesar’s expertise with dogs only goes so far, so he brings in wolf-dog expert Jennifer McCarthy to aid him in this special episode.

Together, Cesar and Jennifer visit the Galvez family, whose wolf-dog Sheba has been destroying the backyard and running rampant through the neighborhood. Milo Sanchez’s hybrid Ramses has a bone to pick with Milo’s English Mastiff Roscoe. The two have been in a couple of expensive fights already. Sofie belongs to Janice Reins and Charlie Mendez and has a knack for destroying and escaping whatever confines here. All three cases features wild animals trapped in a dog’s body. Cesar and Jennifer answer the call of the wild, but can they bring balance to these confused canine hybrids?

Season 7 | Episode 5 | Oscar, Luna, and Ginger

Rhona Mitra is a London born actress who has appeared in such films as Sweet Home Alabama and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Rhona is also a knowledgeable dog owner who worked at a rescue when she was a teenager, but can’t seem to curb her French Bulldog’s dog aggressive tendencies. Seven year old Oscar wasn’t always aggressive. This behavioral shift occurred when Rhona was shooting a film in South Africa. Oscar was with her and would play with the many dogs near their hotel. One day a pit bull attacked Oscar and he hasn’t been the same since. Rhona’s worst fear is that Oscar will escape the yard and get attacked in the “pit central” neighborhood of Venice, CA where they reside. Rhona knows that Oscar’s life is not as happy as it could be. Her goal is to have Oscar win the award for being aggressive free, but will Cesar’s supporting role help this Frenchie take home the prize?

And Lisa and Paul Diaz were newly married when they decided to add a dog to their home. They searched from a group of dogs that had previously been at high kill shelters. When Lisa and Paul went to see the dogs, Ginger sprinted over to Lisa and jumped into her arms. They immediately fell in love with her, but then the couple saw Luna with her tail permanently tucked between her legs, hiding from everyone. Around the other dogs, Luna was a lot calmer and whenever Ginger was around Luna, you could see Luna’s eyes light up. When Lisa and Paul saw this interaction, they knew they had to bring both dogs home. The dogs loved each other and they honestly felt it would make the transition a lot easier. Even though Luna enjoys Ginger’s company, she is still a bit cautious around Paul and Lisa. The Diaz couple hope Cesar can help Luna loose the fear of the hand that feeds her.

Season 7 | Episode 6 | Mongo, Gorby and Jake

Danny Richards and his wife Andy own Mongo, a pit mix. Danny rescued Mongo about six years ago, but he has since developed a severe and potentially life threatening separation anxiety.When left alone the first time, Mongo managed to destroy his crate and the house. Danny resorted to building a wrought iron fence which he reinforced with steel. While Mongo couldn’t get out of the kennel door, he could jump 5 feet into the air and break out of the roof! One day, Mongo escaped and fell in the narrow space between the kennel and the wall where he was hidden and trapped for nearly 30 hours. When Danny found Mongo, the dog was in poor shape. The vet suggested putting Mongo down, but Danny would not give up on his dog. Mongo gets plenty of exercise but the separation anxiety controls the Richards’ life. The couple is willing to do whatever Cesar suggests to help Mongo become more calm and relaxed when they are gone.

Also – NASA Astronauts Suni Williams and Leland Melvin met each other in an astronaut class in 1998. Aside from working and playing on the international space station miles above Earth, they have another thing in common.Problem dogs. Suni’s Jack Russell Terrier Gorby has a knack for going after dogs that are bigger than him. This dog aggression makes it difficult for Suni to spend time with Leland and his Rhodesian ridgeback mixes, Jake and Scout. Though Scout seems to be fine, Jake is another story. Jake has a tendency to nip and try to bite anybody who approaches Leland. Both Suni and Leland are in need of the Dog Whisperer’s expertise. Cesar blasts off to NASA to help knock these canine problems out of orbit.

Season 7 | Episode 7 | Nakota, Yona and Justice

Marcy and Nicholas Razum found each other through the search and rescue program they are both a part of. And now, 14 years later, they are married with a son, two cats, and three dogs. Twelve year old German Shepherd Nakota is ready to pass on the baton to 1 year old Neco and 10 month old Yona, but there is a shadow of doubt lingering in the air. Whenever the young German Shepherds see a shadow moving on the ground or the wall, they try to catch it. Since both dogs are entrenched in the search and rescue world, it is of the utmost importance that these shadow games take the hindmost place in their minds. But when the sun is at its highest, the two dogs are no work and all play. Cesar comes in to help these German Shepherd pups find their purpose and get their mission back on track.

Also- Justice was just another misunderstood Cocker Spaniel at a rescue group that was having a difficult time finding a home for him. Every time they showed Justice, he tried to bite his prospective owners. Just before he was scheduled to be euthanized, Chandra Fortier called looking for pets to foster and offered to take Justice in. Even in a stable home, Justice can’t relax. Justice will bark and lunge at anyone who comes into the house. When Chandra touches Justice’s paws or tries to pull a bur anywhere off of his body, he will try to bite her. If Chandra’s husband Johnny even gets near Chandra, Justice will attack. Chandra is pregnant and due any day and the couple refuse to tolerate Justice if he bites their child. Will Cesar be able to rehabilitate this cocky Cocker? Or will Justice go the way of the dogs?

Season 7 | Episode 8 | Snickers and Maury

Donna Kronenfeld’s relationship with Snickers began when a friend found the 10-week-old Australian Shepherd wrapped in a blanket under a car. The two bonded instantly and had a very peaceful year together. But then, the two were attacked on a routine walk by two off-leash Boxers. Donna was left with bruises up and down her legs, and Snickers was bitten several times. Now, Snickers has the urge to bite other dogs when he sees them. After Donna met Bob, now her husband, Snickers became increasingly aggressive toward humans, growling at anyone who tries to pet him. Sometimes he’ll even bite the hand that feeds him, as his food aggression has become a steadily growing problem. The couple thought a new dog might ease Snickers’ tensions, but that wasn’t the case. Their new Yellow Lab, Tres, and Snickers do not get along at all. After all of this, it’s no wonder that Donna and Bob keep Snickers from interacting with their two-year-old son, Riley. The couple worries about the safety of their family. Can Cesar sweeten Snickers’ salty disposition?

And dog behaviorist and trainer Colleen Steckloff has had her share of canine challenges, having trained “a ton of dogs” from Much Love Animal Rescue. She has 3 dogs of her own and often fosters additional dogs for the shelter, sometimes as many as 6 at a time. But when Maury went under her ward, it was a different story. Maury has been in and out of Much Love’s and Colleen’s care due to many failed adoption attempts. Maury just can’t seem to stop biting and punching his potential owners. Colleen follows Cesar’s methodologies, but no amount of exercise or discipline seems to be getting through to Maury. He has now been with Colleen for two years. Both Colleen and the animal rescue are beginning to think Maury is just plain, unadoptable. Does Cesar have a solution for Colleen and Much Love’s Maury mystery?

Season 7 | Episode 9 | India, Jagger Wild

When India, a Manchester Terrier, came to live with the Moreno family, it was like the beginning of a fairytale. Jessica received the dog as a gift for her 10th birthday and the two were inseparable. But a few months later, India’s charming demeanor turned wicked. When patriarch Anthony plays with Jessica and her brother Anthony Jr., India will nip and bite at him. When India is near Jessica, he’ll snap at Anthony Jr. But Jessica isn’t immune to India’s aggressive antics, because even Jessica has been bitten on several occasions. India also attacks bikes, skateboards, and visiting guests. The Moreno family thought Jessica and India’s friendship would be the stuff of legends, but they were myth-taken. Can Cesar help Jessica get the fairytale ending she dreams of?

And Pat Bass is a huge Rolling Stones fan, so it comes as no surprise that she named her rambunctious Wheaten Terrier, Jagger Wild. When Pat got Jagger from what she thought to be a legitimate breeder, she soon realized that Jagger was probably born in a puppy mill. Due to his poor social skills, Jagger will lie down whenever he sees another dog on a walk. When the other dog passes, Jagger will then pounce on them. Jagger’s actions either scare or surprise the other dog, usually ending in an unruly situation. Pat would love to be able to take her dog on a normal walk, get the exercise he needs, and be part of a pack. Can Cesar help this rock star behave like a normal pooch?

Also – Axl was rescued by Robin Seligman when daughter Samantha begged him to get a dog. The plan was to simply “take a look” at the dogs available; she did not expect to come home with a dog. Axl stood out because he was the only dog in the shelter that didn’t bark. It took a while for Axl to acclimate to the family and he often appeared nervous and wanted to keep to himself. At the time, the family lived near a wilderness park, and Axl loved it! Even though he would play in the nearby creeks, he refused to go in the family’s pool. This wasn’t so much of a problem until the family moved to the beach. The Seligman’s were excited to take Axl for walks on the beach, but little did they know that Axl is terrified of the ocean. Each time the family tries to walk him at the beach, he runs away. The Seligman’s dream is to take Axl to the beach for his daily exercise and keep Samantha company when she wants to get a tan. Will Cesar be able to hang ten, or will he wipe out in rehabilitating this ocean-phobic dog?

Season 7 | Episode 10| Stella, Nala, and Phoebe

Nate Brouwer and Charnae Wright met through mutual friends and quickly discovered their love for dogs and the outdoors. Nate owns a paddleboard production business as well as a paddle boarding touring business, and the couple would like to take their dogs Stella and Nala along for the ride. However, taking the dogs anywhere is difficult since the dogs are constantly at each other’s throats. One fight was so bad that it ended in bloodshed. Nate and Charnae lead active lifestyles and would love to include their dogs, but this situation is leaving the canines under house arrest. Can Cesar unite these divided dogs?

Dena Spencer had little requirements when searching for a rescue dog, but little did she know that poodle mix Phoebe’s fear of men would result in Phoebe attacking any man that entered the house. Even Dena’s nephews who live with her are not safe from Phoebe’s attacks. Dena is a special education Teacher and she thought she would have the patience to work with Phoebe’s behavioral issues, but that is not the case. Phoebe has turned Dena’s household into a girl’s only club. Can Cesar break Phoebe’s mantra of “no boys allowed?”

Season 7 | Episode 11 | Viper and Diesel

As owner and dog handler at All States K9 Detection in Fullerton, California, Chief Harlen “Lamb” Lambert trains dogs to help combat the growing epidemic of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities across the US. Lamb adopted and trained his dog Viper to be a K9 detection dog. However, Lamb has been unable to take Viper into a real prison because of Viper’s fear of strangers and skittish nature. Viper tends to jet when he gets near people he doesn’t know. He has even been known to turn away from Harlen! Can Cesar answer Lamb’s call and transform Viper into a social dog?

And The Burris family lives in Temecula, the wine country of Southern California. Of course, no family is complete without a canine companion, but the family dog, Diesel, took a turn for the worse when his canine companion, Chopper, passed away. Since then, Diesel has let his fears take off. Every morning, hot air balloons practically launch in the Burris’ backyard. When they fly overhead, Diesel digs holes under the fence and tears apart the screen windows and doors trying to get inside. Diesel is destroying the house and the Burris family can’t stand to see Diesel in this anxious state. Can Cesar deflate Diesel’s anxiety and get this canine back under control?

Season 7 | Episode 12| Diego and Berkeley

Paul Mack served in the Coast Guard for almost five years, but when he got out, the adventure wasn’t over. Paul traveled to Argentina, where he spent a week with a pack of the rare Dogo Argentino, an Argentinean hunting dog. He hunted boar with the large white dogs and their breeder, and at the end of the week, Paul picked out puppy Diego. When he returned to the States, fiancée Kelly, now his wife, fell in love with the ever growing canine. The couple took the dog through puppy and obedience training, but despite their best intentions, Diego developed aggression toward other dogs – something the breed is not known for. Because of Diego’s size, Kelly has a hard time reining him in when he goes into the red zone. Cesar travels down the coast to help this Coast Guard veteran and his wife dilute Diego’s detrimental dog aggression

And while living in New York, Kelly Berry and Peter Pappas adopted Berkeley, a 2-year old terrier/corgi mix. At first Berkeley was shy and timid, but he has since started exhibiting aggressive behavior. And there’s nothing Berkeley hates more than traveling. When the couple tries packing him into his travel carrier, Berkeley goes nuts, lunging ferociously and biting at them. Peter and Kelly figured out that the zippers on the bag are what set him off. They have tried to make the travel bag a good experience with treats and positive re-enforcement but it doesn’t work. Kelly and Peter recently moved to Los Angeles and they are hoping to travel back East with Berkeley without his aggressive explosions. Can Cesar get Berkeley to behave in his doggie bag?

Season 7 | Episode 13| Mufasa and Tucker

Mufasa came into Roxanne Husson’s life 6 years ago when she decided to get another dog, a South African Boerboel. At first, Roxanne was intimidated by Mufasa’s size, but as he grew, he also grew on her. However, when Mufasa was a puppy, he was pinned down by another dog and became dog aggressive after that encounter, leaving Roxanne nervous around other dogs. Cesar calls in homeopathic doctor, Dr. Dahlia Shemtob in Orange county, CA, to help calm Roxanne’s nerves. Mufasa usually goes with Roxanne when she retreats to her boat in one of the many marinas in San Diego, CA, but Mufasa’s dog aggression takes a toll on the boat party when Mufasa sees the other dogs at the port. Roxanne is always on the lookout for other dogs, and if there’s ever an attack, Mufasa will no longer be able to come with her on the boat. Can Cesar keep Mufasa from rockin’ the boat?

And Tanéa Brooks got teacup poodle Tucker to keep her company after she moved to Los Angeles by herself.  Things started out smoothly, but then Tanéa started to receive some pushback from Tucker.  Whenever Tanéa would give commands or raise her voice, Tucker would growl. She describes his behavior as “talking back” like a child who doesn’t respect his parent.  Tucker’s aggressive behavior has escalated over the years and has only gotten worse since Tanéa moved in with boyfriend Bret Anthony.  Since Tucker is aggressive, Bret rarely approaches the dog for fear of being bit. It’s up to Tanéa to walk and care for Tucker since the couple cannot agree to raise the dog together. In fact, the couple is considering living in separate apartments to make for an easier living situation for all. Can Cesar bring back the peace in this divided household?

Season 7 | Episode 14 | Seven, Macy, and Lex

Jeff and Kelly Ong purchased their first dog, Kaylie, from a breeder. At first, Jeff and Kelly thought Kaylie’s neurotic behavior of barking, running in circles, etc. was cute, but soon realized it to be annoying. In order to try to trump this behavior, the couple got another dog, named Seven. Seven was aggressive from the beginning and did not balance Kaylie at all. In a third attempt to make the dogs behave better, Jeff and Kelly bought Bella, hoping that three dogs would balance out the dynamic. Bella was calm at first but quickly adapted the bad behaviors of Seven and Kaylie. With the three dogs, the couple faces a daily struggle, especially with Seven. Seven seems to rule the house, and Kelly. He will growl and bark at just about everything. Seven has bitten his owners and bared his teeth several times, so much so that Jeff and Kelly are fearful of what their dogs may do. Three’s a crowd, but Seven’s a nightmare. Can Cesar turn this terror around?

And Dana Collinson’s friend had a dog who had just given birth to a litter of standard poodle puppies.  Initially, her husband Mark objected because they already had Blossom, a Shar-Pei.  Their two daughters broke into tears thinking they were going to miss out on a puppy.  Eventually the Collinson women overruled Mark and they brought Macy home.  But, after Macy ran headlong into their screen door, she’s had an aversion to the back door and refuses to go through it.  Macy goes out of her way to avoid walking by the door at all.  And if someone opens the door, she will run to the bedroom closet and hide for hours.  Cesar is called in to coax this poodle over her threshold of fear.

Also Adam Ah You and Jane An adopted Lex, a male Weimaraner, from Friends for Pets Foundation in 2009.  Adam and Jane volunteer at the foundation and had walked Lex several times before he got adopted by a young couple.  Unfortunately, Lex was returned 24 hours later because he bit the husband’s leg.  They felt sorry for Lex, and after fostering him for a period, they adopted him.  However, his aggression and biting personality followed, often preventing the couple from putting dishes in their dishwasher.  If there’s an object on the floor, they can’t pick it up because Lex dives for the item and tries to bite their hands.  Lex has claimed his territory and the couple is having trouble claiming it back.  Cesar comes in to loosen Lex’s hold on Adam and Jane.

Season 7 | Episode 15 | Delta and Dong-Dong

Sherrel Grabler and Lynne Haines rescued Delta from a local shelter in January of 2006, shortly after Lynne had been involved in a car accident. They thought Delta would be perfect for keeping Lynn positive during her recovery. They knew Delta was afraid of men and had been victim of animal cruelty, but had no idea how these issues would manifest. One day, Delta bit a contractor working in the house and started attacking the window whenever someone would pass by their home. Since then, the couple has had difficulties containing their dog, and Lynne is fearful that Delta’s strength will cause more severe injuries. Cesar travels to Long Beach, California to help these women reel in Delta’s aggressive attitude.

And Dong-Dong is a black and white Border collie mix who was rescued from a shelter in Taiwan. Since Taiwan has nearly 2 million strays, and black dogs are considered bad luck, the Taiwan Universal Animal Protection Association paid for Dong-Dong to travel to the United States in hopes that he might have a better life. It was then that Rhonda Scarborough found her dream dog. When Rhonda first brought Dong-Dong home, he ran away. Fortunately, with the help of neighbors, friends, and family, the Scarboroughs were able to get Dong-Dong back. It was then that Dong Dong found solace in a living room chair. He won’t get up for anything, does not like the leash, started gaining weight, and even got bedsores from sitting in the chair so much. Dong-Dong is afraid of the leash, but without it, the Scarboroughs can’t trust Dong-Dong to go outside. Can Cesar change this dog’s luck and get him out of his chair of solitude?

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