The Inspiring True Story Of A Boy And His 3-Legged Dog

Dogs come into our lives when we need them the most. And the joy that they bring with them is nothing short of transcendental. Just look at the precious friendship that blossomed between a boy struggling with Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, and his dog, an Anatolian Shepherd with a tragic former life.

Haatchi’s story began back in 2012 when he wasn’t even a year old. Someone had cruelly left him tied up to a North London railway line with the intent that he be polished off by a train – and he nearly was. The poor pup was struck by a train, resulting in a severed tail and badly damaged hind leg.

Scared, Haatchi managed to limp away and hide. Fortunately, he was rescued roughly 5 days after the incident by the RSPCA.

But because of infection that had set in on his wounds, Haatchi’s back leg and tail both had to be amputated.


Despite his ordeal, Haatchi remained an upbeat and happy dog in spite of all the cruelty he faced. Eventually, Haatchi became the best friend to a little boy living with a rare genetic condition.

The boy, Owen, affectionately known to his family either as “little buddy” or “Little B,” was born with has a rare genetic disorder known as Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes the sufferer’s muscles to involuntarily seize on a constant basis.

Having lived with it all his life, Owen struggled with the adjustment that he was different from others – a struggle that caused him to feel anxious around strangers as well as school, subsequently withdrawing from others. However, he experienced a change the moment that he was introduced to Haatchi.

Owen’s father and stepmother, Will and Colleen Howkins, were the ones who introduced Haatchi to the young boy in hopes that he would help the child.

However, they had no idea just how much of an impact Haatchi would actually have. Needless to say, it was the most heart-warming moment ever – it even inspired the book, Haatchi & Little B: The Inspiring True Story of One Boy and His Dog.

Watch the video below:

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