There’s A Tropical Island Where You Can Foster A Puppy To Cuddle With On The Beach All Day

What would be better than spending time on a white sand beach in the Caribbean with the clear crystal waters in the background while you’re sipping a Piña colada? You may think nothing could top that, but that is where you’re wrong. If you envision cuddling an adorable puppy, then that would be what it’s like to go on vacation at Providenciales in the islands of Turks & Caicos. There, you could experience day-long cuddle sessions with adorable puppies who are looking for forever homes.

As it turns out, Potcake Place – a dog rescue based in Providenciales – rescues stray island dogs and then facilitates a program that allows people to take one for the day and help socialize them. Potcakes are a term for the mix-breed dogs native to several of the Caribbean islands. And all the potcake puppies that are part of this program are also up for adoption in case you should want to make it a lifelong commitment.

In order to become involved in this daylong adventure, you can stop by the shelter and meet the puppies, as well as ask about their beach trip options. Most likely the shelter will be able to accommodate your request with a walk to the beach. On average, the shelter will have about 50 dogs in their care, so any attention and help would be much appreciated.

If you happen to fall in love with one of the adorable tykes and you’re serious about adoption, Potcake Place will be happy to help you make the arrangements. There will be background checks conducted on all potential adopters. And once cleared, the next step will be to arrange for a vet appointment before you can take your new furbaby home. All adoptions are technically free, but since they’re a non-profit, donations are highly encouraged.

Of course, if you can’t adopt a puppy, there are other ways that you can help the shelter. Besides taking dogs for the afternoon or giving donations, the rescue is always on the lookout for “couriers.” The job of the courier is to basically accompany adopted puppies to their new homes outside of the islands.

So, what do you think? Are you Googling flights already? Because I am.

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