A dog digs in the trash looking for a snack.

Have you ever found something bizarre in your dog’s droppings or had to rush to the veterinarian because he ingested something that he shouldn’t have? Even the best-trained dogs have had days where they decided to munch on something outrageous.

This is such a common problem that there have been entire shows, such as Nat Geo Wild’s “My Dog Ate What!?!”, dedicated to sharing the stories of what dog owners have discovered that their pets swallowed.

While we strictly recommend an immediate trip to the vet upon finding out that your pup slurped down anything non-edible or deemed hazardous, we figured it would be fun to survey our readers and swap stories. Here are some of the most outrageous responses we received upon asking: “What’s the craziest thing your dog ate?”

Stories from Our Readers

“Cooper had a thing for Manola Blahnik and Prada shoes as a puppy. He didn’t go near any shoes under $400! Fortunately he never made it through an entire shoe, he just nibbled at the straps. I resolved the problem by providing him with chew toys. Thank goodness!” — David Eisenhauer, St. Louis, MO

“My old bulldog ate crayons. He picked up a few that my little sisters had left on the floor. I don’t think anyone saw her do it so no one knew until it was time to clean up the yard. Made for some pretty colorful turds in the lawn!” — Rich Thomas, Redondo Beach, CA

“My German shepherd, Lucky, ate an entire tube of toothpaste — squished out all the toothpaste and chewed the tube. Fortunately she was OK and passed it naturally.” — Susan Famousenuff, Scottsdale, AZ

“My best friend’s Chihuahua, Cashew, ate the squeaky part of a Lion chew toy. He spent 3 nights in the vet ER and he cost his mom thousands of dollars. My Lhasa apso, Shakespeare, once ate an entire Thanksgiving turkey. He ate more than his weight in turkey!” — Elyse Haren, Los Angeles, CA

“My neighbor’s dog (a Neapolitan Mastiff) ate two steps of their stairway to the 2nd floor — thru the carpet, thru the pad, thru the wood planks — you could see the basement below. He had to have surgery to remove an extension cord from his belly (a different meal) and the neighbors put this huge dog in t-shirts to keep him from chewing his stitches.” — Kate Cassidy, West Columbia, SC

“My friend’s Cocker Spaniel ate her mom’s wedding ring. By the way, the wedding ring was retrieved several hours later. Don’t worry it was cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before she put it back on her finger.” — Holly Wolfe, Troy, MI

“Once when I was at the vet, with my dog who ate coins and rocks, the vet had x-rays of a dog that ate a rubber ducky!” — Nina Kelly, Albuquerque, NM

“My dog, Lego, ate my glasses a year ago while I was in the shower. I was mad for like a second, then I tried like hell to put the lenses back together like a jigsaw puzzle. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t swallow any sharp pieces. Funny day, went from mad to panicked to very relieved in a 5 minute span!” — Andrew Durkin, Waterford, MI

“When Harley was a puppy, she swallowed a whole Victoria’s Secret thong from the laundry basket of clothes I was folding. We didn’t know she had done so until we had to help pull it out and noticed the pink tag (yuck)! Then, both Harley and Oliver consumed an entire one-pound bag of skittles and yes, they pooped the rainbow for a week! They have also pulled thawing meat off the counter top and ate that too.” — Melissa St. John, Sun Valley, California

“My dog ate both of my children’s umbilical cord stumps after they fell off. Blah!” — Sarah Sauer, Moorpark, CA

“A 1TB Hard Drive” — Benny Hana, Ventura, CA

“Ryker ate a whole check that I really needed and a tube of Neosporin. Thankfully the vet said he was OK. The check was able to be reissued. Phew!” — Jennifer Brody, Hollywood, CA

“Riley ate $180 in cash – all $20 bills. That was more than it cost to adopt her!” — Danielle Carlesimo, Rochester, MI

What is the craziest thing that your dog has ever eaten? Did you have to take him to the vet? Share your story in the comments section below!

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