This Movie Theater Lets You Bring Your Dog And Offers Bottomless Wine

Dreams can come true! There is a movie theatre in Plano, Texas that allows movie goers to bring their dogs with them!

K9 Cinemas offers cozy seats that are perfect for snuggling up with your dog while enjoying a movie. And for only $15, both you and your dog get in, plus you, the human, get bottomless wine or up to four whiskeys.

And for an extra $5, you can bring a second dog as well!

There are a few stipulations – your pets must be up to date on their vaccines, as well as you’re responsible for cleaning up after them.

But given the looks of happy customers on Instagram, it’s looking like the place is a great destination for groups of friends and their dogs.

“Had a blast with the squad!!!” wrote Instagrammer @schnausage_adventures. “@trustee_abbygirl @burnt.toast.waddlebutt at K9 cinemas! Awesome theater in Plano, TX that is #petfriendly. We even met an awesome piebald doxie!”

The theater’s concessions stand is stocked with both human and dog treats. And if you don’t want to wait in the line, you can order ahead in order to skip the line entirely!

Eric Lankford, the creator of K9 Cinemas, got the theatre inspiration after adopting his dog, Bear. He believed in creating more dog-friendly public spaces.

Both Lankford and Bear were at the theater’s grand opening in December 2018:

“There’s no complicated thought process outside of that,” he told the Dallas Observer back in 2018.

“I just wanted to have a business that I loved,” he explained. “And this is truly the first company that I’ve started that I can say with all my heart is something I’m truly passionate and happy doing.”

Naturally, Bear appears in a lot of the cinema’s social media posts:

And it’s not just the humans that love the movie theatre, there are lots of canine patrons that seem to enjoy it.

The collie belonging to Instagram user @thesupercolliesmom looked like he was having blast at a movie viewing in February.

View this post on Instagram

Bottomless Wine 🍷 Disney Dog Movie 🍿 Sign me up!

A post shared by Sara Carson Devine (@thesupercolliesmom) on

Another Instagram user, @trippintexasgal, posted on May 5 about her dog-friendly night at the movies.

And even a few canine influencers like the adorable @tex.mex.da.pom, posed at the theatre back in December 2018.

The cinema has even begun creating a line of K9 Cinemas-branded merchandise!

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