Tiny Dachshund Is Determined To Get His Gigantic Stick Through The Walkway

Who else is in self-isolation and needing a pick-me-up? Well, let’s look at a doggie classic.

Who remembers the tiny Dachshund named Bosco who found the huge stick? In a hilarious video that will undoubtedly stand the test of time, the pint-sized dog was determined to haul his treasured find home with him.

In fact, this adorable dog’s obsession is with giant sticks and branches that are much larger than him. It is such a hobby for this determined doggie, that his owner actually set him up with his own social media account, @boscoandhisbigstick. From there, fans around the globe could keep up with the London-based pup as he continued his penchant for collecting large sticks and branches around the wooded areas of London.

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Causing chaos in the park 🌪#justiceforpeaches #chaotic

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The adorable little doggie is only 22 cm off the ground, and his social media is dedicated to his favorite hobby. In fact, on his page there are plenty of photos and videos – all featuring the tiny dog carry an enormous stick in his mouth.

In fact, his owner has mentioned online that it’s all Bosco, nothing is staged.

As she said, “We never force him to hold sticks, it’s simply his favorite thing to do.”

Following the launch of his own Instagram account, Bosco has become a very popular doggie influencer – amassing a cool 98k followers and counting!

Bosco’s breed, Dachshund, were originally bred for the purpose of hunting animals that live in tunnels, such as rabbits, foxes, and badgers.

While they may be small, they are mighty, and in the past, packs of Dachshunds could even be used to track down and hunt wild boars. As the Dachshund Breed Council UK described them, these little guys are “bold” and “outgoing.”

The council added, “They are very popular as pets in the UK and come in six varieties and two sizes, a standard 20-26lbs, and miniature 10-11lbs. They also have three coats – smooth, long and wire-haired. They are loyal companions and generally make good family pets.”


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