Tiny Dog Takes His Sweet Time Jogging The Agility Course

Every year there is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Even if you’re not a hardcore dog fan, you’ve probably heard of the name. It is synonymous with prestige. Each year, the crème de la crème of dogs come to gather together in order to compete for various titles and awards. It’s rather stiff competition. My mom and I used to watch it on occasion because it is pretty entertaining to watch. When I was a kid I would sometimes play pretend with my dog that she was a competitor in the dog show. While seeing these highly trained and skilled dog breeds is always a fun watch, it’s sometimes the ones who don’t place that end up really entertaining us.

During the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, it was a little Bichon Frise named Winky that ended up warming hearts and becoming a fan favorite thanks to his silly antics. While competing in the Masters Agility Championship Preliminaries, this plucky little white pooch stole the show for all the wrong reasons. He wasn’t by any means the quickest competitor, not the most dexterous, but he did prove that he had quite a bit of heart – and a whole lot of attitude. After watching his performance, it is quite obvious why he made a big impression on the crowd that evening. 

The little white Bichon Frise didn’t do the course the right way – instead, he did it his way. He was not afraid to let the whole world know that he was an individual. And we absolutely loved him for it. In fact, the whole audience seemed to be quite taken with his method of doing things. He paid no attention to the ticking clock as he made his way through the obstacle course at a rather glacial pace for a competition. And if that wasn’t enough, he also took a moment to pause at the top of one of the ramps in order to savor his moment. From his vantage point, he was even able to survey all the people watching him. He must have felt like the king of the world. While Winky didn’t win the crown, he certainly won our hearts.

Check out his video below:


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