Training Cesar’s Way Redesign: Dog Owner Fundamentals

Training Cesar’s Way Redesign

Cesar’s lifelong dream to build a venue equipped with everything he needs to train groups of people and rehabilitate their dogs became a reality when he opened “The Dog Psychology Center”in Santa Clarita, CA. The facility is amazing. From its impeccably kept trees, water structures, omnipotent Buddha’s and smiling workers to the innovative training stations sprinkled all over the grounds, each designed to address different behavioral issues, it’s no surprise that the “DPC” is the backbone to Cesar’s beyond solid training program brand,  “Training Cesar’s Way.”

While the core takeaways from the courses that make up “TCW”, “Fundamentals I” and “Fundamentals II“,  stay the same, Cesar continues to innovate, which is why he recently called for a redesign of the first thing  people see when then take that first step towards signing up for a course, and that’s   I

Here’s what Cesar had to say about the redesign, “I gave the site an update because it’s the first place people go when their curiosity has peaked and they are feeling a tug towards wanting to make some changes in their life. Like the site,  things are evolving here.  Not only am I expanding the TCW program, but I’m constantly elevating the vibrations of the surrounds here at the ranch, and doing it in ways that are meant to bring even greater harmony and balance to those who come and study with me.”

Check out and sign up for a training program to experience Cesar as your instructor, today!


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