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Training Cesar’s Way creates content that educates, inspires, and empowers people to transform their communities. Using humans’ relationships with animals, we open minds to the belief that finding a calm, confident center, can ultimately change the world, starting with you. Cesar Millan’s training programs will help you develop and achieve the balanced harmony you are missing.

Master Your Human & Dog Connection


Fundamentals 1
lay the groundwork

In Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training 1 program, Cesar Millan brings his exceptional insights into dog behavior to a hands-on training program idea for owners and trainers alike. Learn Cesar’s dog psychology from Cesar himself.

Fundamentals 2
Build upon the basics

Graduates of Fundamentals 1 return to work in real-life scenarios under Cesar Millan’s guidance. Learn to master situations using your own energy – go beyond your comfort zone and learn how to be calm and assertive.

Fundamentals 1/2
Cesar has designed a schedule that allows students to participate in both programs over a 12-day period. Perfect for our international students, or anyone who would like to experience the Fundamentals curriculum in its entirety.
Intensive series

Each Boot Camp is topic-specific, allowing for intense, detailed, hands-on Training. If you are just starting out or if you are looking to continue your education, the Training Cesar’s Way Boot Camps are the perfect length and cost.

Pop-up Trainings
interactive classes

These 90-minute classes taught by Cesar Millan include hands-on training techniques derived from student questions and specific needs. Programs are scheduled around Cesar’s availability, usually with two weeks’ notice. The Pop-ups are taught exclusively at The DPC for limited guests throughout the year.

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