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Training Cesar’s Way and the Country Inn Pet Resort are excited to announce New Classes, New Schedules, New Formats, and Training Cesar’s Way Head Trainer Todd Langston.

Beginning in July, Todd Langston will take over the Country Inn Pet Resort training program. Todd is the current Head Trainer for Cesar’s Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training programs, as well as one of the curriculum architects for The Training Cesar’s Way Boot Camp Series. Cesar will guide Todd to ensure that the curriculum taught in each new program is well-balanced and classroom specific.

In two, 3-hour classes taught over one weekend, Todd will introduce you to Cesar’s dog psychology and the importance of maintaining calm confidence while training. Each training event will start with Cesar’s dog philosophy and, from there, introduce that weekend’s topic-based training.

The programs taught by Todd Langston do not include a personal appearance by Cesar Millan. For more information on Training with Cesar, please click Cesar Milan Programs.

These programs are not rehabilitation programs. They are for dog owners that want to learn how to spend quality time with their pets. The cost for each program is for one human and one dog. Dog approval is required before attending.

Please read the dog requirements, Fees, and Terms and Condition for additional valuable information about this program.

Puppy Essentials

$595. Per One-Human/One-Dog

In this class, Todd will teach you the importance of establishing rules, boundaries, and limits. Helping you understand how your energy and personality affect your puppy.

Learn how to prevent unwanted behaviors like biting, nipping, and unwanted jumping, while examining how puppies naturally learn through Nose, Eyes, Ears.

Discuss the importance of crate training and socializing your puppy from the start.

Leave with a better understanding of your puppy and how it learns and thinks, enhancing your relationship from the beginning.

Florida: The Country Inn Pet Resort

The Country Inn Pet Resort in Fort Lauderdale is a five-paws luxury destination. Featuring three acres of leash-free grassy recreation space, a bone-shaped swimming pool, relaxing “Pawcuzzi” and even a state of the art animal hospital, the Resort is an ideal location for the many activities of Training Cesar’s Way.

You can learn more about the Resort at its web site.

What's Included

Included in each class:

Puppies Essentials

July 11-12th, 2020 8:30-11:30am
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