Training Courses FAQs

There is nothing else in the world like the Training Cesar’s Way Courses therefore people often have questions about the program.
We’ve answered the most common questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition for each Course is $495 per dog. The four week puppy course is $350 per dog.

Each individual Course (for example, Mastering the Walk) is a six week program. Each Course meets for one hour each week for six weeks.

The Summer courses are condensed for weather.
The courses that are $495 per class meet for 1.5 hours each week for four weeks.

The Evening Puppy Basics course meets for one hour each week for four weeks.

The Courses meet at our two Dog Psychology Centers – Cesar’s original DPC in Santa Clarita, just outside Los Angeles, California and the Country Inn Pet Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Unfortunately, no. The Courses meet for an hour once weekly for six weeks, so they are not intended for people who live outside of the Los Angeles or Fort Lauderdale areas. You should live within reasonable driving distance of the DPCs to participate in the Courses.

We welcome all students over the age of 18. Children at least seven years of age may participate in certain Courses under the supervision of their parents. Because Courses involve many outdoor physical activities, including walks on dirt roads, swimming, agility training and hands-on activities with dogs, you should be capable of physical activity in a variety of conditions. Please check the individual Course pages for any specific prerequisites.

Course size varies depending upon its nature. Most Courses accept up to 15 dogs. Each dog may be accompanied by a maximum of two humans.

While we do permit two people to accompany each dog to the DPC, during the Course sessions it is one-dog, one-human. Guests are welcome to quietly observe, but must stay outside of the training area at all times. Of course, you and your friend can alternate between working with your dog and observing.

You may only bring one dog per Course – one-dog, one-human. If you would like to bring more than one dog to a Course, your second dog must be accompanied by a second human, who must register separately and pay the full Course fee. We do not offer special prices for multiple dogs.

We must have proof of current vaccination records for rabies, Bordetella and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus). For our Florida facility, we also need H3N8 inoculation plus a fecal test. Proof of vaccinations must be received by us before you attend the Course. Your dog must be spayed or neutered to attend the Courses. No exceptions, please. We will provide you with instructions for sending these records after you have registered.

We will send you an email informing you of your status within one week of registration, usually sooner.

We enthusiastically welcome participation by couples and families! Course tuition admits up to two people per dog. Children must be at least seven years old to participate and must be supervised by a parent at all times. See our individual Course pages for any exceptions.

We do not offer any special rates for our training programs. All students pay the same price.

We do not offer any special rates for volunteering or working at the DPC

If you cancel your registration more than 30 days before your Courses begin, you will receive a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee), issued as a refund to your credit card or by check. If you must cancel within 30 days before your Courses begin, we are unable to provide a refund. We will work with you to schedule you for another Courses session.

Because of the nature of the Courses, you may not switch to another once your registration has been approved. If you are unable to attend a Course, we will work with you to schedule you for the next available Course.

When you complete each Course, we will provide you with a printed certificate stating that you completed the Course. This does not mean that you are “certified” in any way. We do not offer a program that “certifies” a student in Cesar’s methods.

Yes, we do, in both our Santa Clarita and Fort Lauderdale locations. Please visit this Web site for announcements of future Courses.

Yes, we offer the comprehensive Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I course taught by Cesar Millan and his trainers.
No severely dog- or people-aggressive dogs will be permitted. Certain other behavior issues are also prohibited.
During registration, you will provide essential information about your dog. TCW trainers will review that information to ensure that the Course is appropriate for your dog (and your dog appropriate for the Course).

If your dog is approved for attendance, you must provide us with proof of current vaccinations and immunizations before you may attend.

If approved, you are wholly responsible for your dog’s care, supervision, safekeeping and behavior during the Course.

Interested in the future?

Drop us your contact info and we wil contact you once registration opens again.