Viral Challenge Shows How Dogs React To Obstacles In Their Way

Viral challenges are all over the web now – and the current pandemic has made a lot of bored people ramp up their online viral challenges in an attempt to stave off the boredom. And a lot of people have been getting their dogs involved in the fun because who doesn’t love watching dogs complete challenges? And the best part is that they are pitting dogs and cats against one another in an entertainment bid to see who takes on the challenges better.

Known as the “Cat vs. Dog challenge”, each species definitely has its own way of dealing with the tasks at hand.

In this one, dog versus cat takes the form of an obstacle challenge. The clear winner is the cat. The feline goes through so gracefully, not knocking over one bottle. Of course, when the dog does it…well, I’m sure they have other wonderful skills.

Next up in the second video, it’s another clear win for the cat. Even twice with different numbers of dominos set up by the owner, the cat just breezes on through like it’s nothing. The feline doesn’t knock over a single domino as she traverses the domino field with such grace. However, when the dog is up, it doesn’t go as gracefully. Unlike the bottle challenge where the poor dog wipes out, this fluffy white dog is able to get through relatively unscathed. However, his own natural curiosity to sniff everything means that dominos are falling down. Better luck next time!

Another one for the felines – the black cat goes through quickly like it’s child’s play. The little terrier, not so much. It’s almost sad to watch, as you know that he tried so hard to make it through without knocking anything over. Sadly, his calculations were off and he went splat right in the center of the obstacles. A for effort on this one.

Finally! A dog who makes it! This one featured two different styles from the cats, with the orange cat rushing on through and impressively, not knocking anything over. However, the other cat has a more reserved and cautious approach – which paid off as well. And when the dog was up, he surprisingly made it through in a few cautious steps without knocking anything over.

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