Watch As A ‘River’ Of Golden Retriever Puppies Flow Into The Backyard

Who let the dogs out? In a very cute video, there comes an adorable mass of puppies. And not just any puppies, golden retrievers. They are possibly the world’s most adorable puppy, with their wagging tails and plush fluffiness. And a hoard of them running towards you is just the kind of happy feeling that you want to experience. 

But this particular pack of pups was enjoying their final days As Good As Gold near Peterborough, Ontario. The breeding facility specializes in golden retrievers, and these puppies were about to embark on brand new journeys in life – each one going off to their carefully selected forever homes. But, they do get to gather for one more romping playtime. It’s just so sweet to watch.

During their playtime, the puppies spend it moving around like a furry blob of cuteness, exploring the outdoor yard and attacking everyone and everything they see with jovial curiosity and plenty of canine kisses. 

The puppies even get to say hi to their parents through the fence that surrounds their puppy enclosure. At that particular stage, the puppies were already eating solid food on their own, so they didn’t need their moms for nourishment anymore – probably why they were able to go off to forever homes. However, it was clear that the puppies were happy to say hi. 

No doubt this adorable pack of golden retriever puppers was about to make some families extremely happy for years to come. There really isn’t a greater joy than having a dog. I’m sure all fellow dog owners can agree with me on that.

Watch these happy-go-lucky puppies frolic and play in the video below:

It’s impossible not to smile at the cuteness unfolding on camera. 

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