What To Do If Your Dog Acts Aggressively Towards Other People

As dog owners, we’ve probably invested plenty of time watching The Dog Whisperer. We all need help being the pack leader. Most of us who enjoy The Dog Whisperer have probably even gotten into his limited series, Cesar Solves the Case. And as many of us know, when it comes to dogs and their bad behavior, anything is possible – like a weenie biting a weenie. The story of a little dog biting a human in the private area was one that Cesar Milan admitted he’d never thought he’d hear. However, this turned out to be the precise case with Pistachio, an adorable little Dachshund. Looking at him you’d never expect such a fearsome beast to inhabit the tiny body of the little wiener dog. But it turns out that the little dog doesn’t like people and will often snap as a way of defending himself. 

Owner Kendall Long explained Pistachio’s backstory. The little pup must have been traumatized from his days living in a kill shelter in Korea. As Long explained, the little wiener dog was rescued from the shelter by the organization Bunnies and Buddies, an organization dedicated to saving Korean dogs from kill shelters and meat markets. Pistachio was only two days away from being put down when he was rescued. Through the dog rescue, Kendall found Pistachio and adopted him. While the two share a loving bond, Pistachio is very wary of other humans. Kendall shared that he doesn’t take to people very well during initial meetings, often barking and acting defensively towards strangers. She even shared that the little pint-sized pooch has nipped a few people in the past as well. She felt that she needed Cesar’s help in order to get her to better respond to his aggression in order to help facilitate a more calming environment where Pistachio could feel comfortable around strangers.

Within the first meeting, Cesar was quickly on the case to help Kendall and Pistachio find the perfect balance with one another. As the day wore on, it became increasingly clear to Cesar that it wasn’t just Pistachio that had faced a rough past, Kendall had as well. It was this energy that was indirectly affecting the way Kendall responded to Pistachio’s energy and anxiety. After having a long chat with Cesar in which he imparted his wisdom, it seemed like Kendall and Pistachio were put on a path towards healing – and hopefully fewer wiener bites.

Watch the video below:

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