Woman Flies 50 Stray Dogs To The UK From Cypress During The Pandemic

As we face a global pandemic, it is crucial that we remember the importance of supporting one another. In short, that means being kind to all around you – including the animals. And amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is one woman who is “brave and selfless” and doing her best to fly starving dogs from Cyprus to the UK. And that is exactly the kind of hero that we need.

Posted by Dogs 4 Rescue on Friday, April 10, 2020

According to a Facebook post by the rescue charity, Dogs 4 Rescue, that one of its volunteers, Andrea Siddons, had set up a transport for dogs from Cyrus aboard a Boeing 747 cargo flight to the UK. Andrea works closely with the Cyprus Dog Rescue in order to help the charity take on their stray dog problem, since the country has roughly 200,000 stray dogs, as well as almost 2 million stray cats!

The Facebook post read, “When the virus stops passenger flights and no dogs can leave Cyprus the number of skeletal dogs on the streets and in the pounds increases and they are also the lives lost due to corona but Andrea Siddons went to extraordinary lengths at huge personal cost both financially and emotionally as she arranged for a 747 to fly 50 dogs to freedom.”

It continued, “Some of the dogs she saved who were starving a few weeks ago have landed here in the UK safe and ready for homes. We are in constant awe at her ability, will and determination. These are the luckiest dogs – almost as lucky as those waiting in the pounds that will now be rescued as there is room for them.”

Posted by Dogs 4 Rescue on Friday, April 10, 2020

The Dogs 4 Rescue charity has stated that it is extremely proud of the work Andrea did, as well as thankful to all those who were involved in the arrangement of the cargo flight – this included “Amanda of 101 Pet Express,” who was credited with driving all night in order to get the dogs to where they needed to go.

The post also wrote, “The behind-the-scenes level of organization and stress to make it happen is hard to comprehend. So brave and so selfless.”

They followed up with an edit to the post saying, “She transforms them with love, care and wills them to make it. It’s incredible that dogs so close to death can look like all the others again in such a short time and that’s all down to her determined dedication to make a difference. Sadly dogs like this is the norm for Andrea – not the exception.”

Posted by Dogs 4 Rescue on Friday, April 10, 2020

The rescued dogs were taken to the UK onboard a British Airways 747 cargo flight. During the flight, they were cared for by trained animal staff who could provide them with care and attention during their flight to new beginnings.

Paul Walker-Northwood, the British Airways Captain, who was a are member flying during the rescue mission, said to MailOnline, ‘We were pleased to support this mission to bring these new four-legged family members to the UK to give them the chance of better, more comfortable lives here with their new owners.”

Airbridge International Agencies’ Mark Andrew, added, “We’d like to offer a special thank you to all of those involved in arranging this special flight and are proud to play our part in delivering these pets to their new home.”

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many people, these stray dogs will be able to find their second chances in the UK. We wish them lots of luck.

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