Woman Quit Her Job And Spent 57 Days Trying To Find Her Lost Dog

How far would you go in order to find your lost dog? One devoted dog mom from Washington made the choice to quit her job in order to be able to search full time for her border collie, Katie. The postal carrier handed in her notice so she and her husband could spend 57 days searching for Katie.  The gamble paid off as Katie was eventually found in a small town out of state. 

The long journey to a reunion began after Carole and Verne King took a trip to Montana with Katie. While there, the dog managed to get out of the hotel room and ended up becoming lost in the endless wilderness that is the Glacier National Park. The Kings knew they had a difficult road ahead of them if they ever wanted to find her again. 

KCRA-TV reported that the Kings took to social media and posted hundreds of flyers around Kalispell, a small town in the area. The couple constantly screened calls and drove around as well as walked for miles calling their dog’s name. After 57 days all their hard work finally paid off when Carole finally spotted Katie on one of her searches. 

Carole shared with the Daily Inter Lake newspaper, “I just bear-hugged her. People are stopping in their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighborhood knew that we found her.”

When Carole took Katie to a veterinarian for a check-up, the pooch’s celebrity had already proceeded her. They’d heard about the dog from all the social media and news coverage. While she was lost, Katie had gone down 12 pounds and was severely dehydrated. She was also on the brink of starvation. Thankfully for the dog, she was found in time and was expected to fully recover from her ordeal. And Carole was so glad that she never gave up hope and was able to find her beloved dog.

What an extremely happy ending for the both of them!

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